Eyelash Lengthening and Enhancing Medicine - Getting Started

Written by Adrian Blackwell, MD

How to get started with Latisse and apply it correctly.

How do I use this medicine?

It is recommended to use this medicine every night. There is an applicator you will use to put the medicine on your upper eyelid only. Do not put the medicine on the lower eyelid with the applicator. As you blink and close your eyes, the medicine will also move down to your lower eyelid. You will use the applicator to put the medicine along the upper eyelid margin - this is the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes meet the skin. This is the only place you want the medicine to touch.

Application Steps - follow the steps below each night for successful application:

  1. Remove all makeup and your contact lenses. Wash and dry your face.
  2. Get an applicator from the box. Hold the applicator horizontally and place one drop of Latisse near the tip of the applicator (see the image below).
  3. Close the eye that you will place the medicine on. Then, slowly and gently drag the applicator across the upper eyelid margin, from the inner part of your eyelid to the outer part (see the image below).
  4. Throw that used applicator in the trash.
  5. If there is any excess liquid on your eyelid or face then gently remove it with a soft cloth or piece of tissue paper.
  6. Get a new and unused applicator to repeat the above steps on the other eyelid.

There are some great pictures and more information here.

Can I use this medicine with my contact lenses?

Latisse contains chemicals that can damage your contact lenses. You need to take them out while you apply this medicine to your eyelid. Wait for at least 15 minutes before putting them back into your eyes.

Can I use Latisse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The FDA has not put a safety rating on the medicine for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because there are no studies available to show its effect on babies in the womb or breastfeeding babies. The thought is that only very small amounts of this medicine actually get inside the body. So while it is likely safe to use in pregnancy or breastfeeding, we do not know this for sure. It's best to wait to start Latisse until you are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Other common questions

Q:How long until my eyelashes start to change (i.e. get darker, longer, and thicker)? A: The changes that occur with this medicine are slow but very effective. It may take at least 2 months of nightly application before you see significant improvements.

__Q:Are the effects on my eyelashes permanent? __ A: The effects on your eyelashes are not permanent. If you stop using the medicine then the changes in the length, thickness, and color of your eyelashes will eventually go back to what they were before you started this medicine.

__Q: Will more drops or more applications give me better results or better eyelashes quicker? __ A: No - using more than one drop per eyelid each night will not give you better or faster results.

__Q: What happens if the medicine touches my eye? __ A: Nothing bad will happen. You will be ok. There is no need to rinse or wash your eyes out.

__Q: How should I store this medicine? __ A: You can keep this medicine in the fridge or store it at room temperature (36°-77°F).

__Q: When should I be concerned or stop using the medicine? __ A: If you develop any problems with your eye like difficulty seeing, blurry vision, an infection, or have an eye injury - then stop using the medication and talk to your doctor about this medication to make sure it is still safe and right for you.

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