Getting Started Using an Internal Condom

Written by Adrian Blackwell, MD

How to use the internal condom (female condom, FC2) and other common questions about getting started.

The internal condom is a great way to practice safer sex

The internal condom is like a pouch - it is placed inside the vagina or anus before sex. It provides protection from sexually transmitted infections (HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.) and also provides birth control. This condom is worn on the inside, as opposed to other condoms that are worn on the outside.

How to use the internal condom

Like the old saying goes, practice makes perfect! It is a good idea to practice placing an internal condom before you find yourself in the heat of the moment. There are several easy steps to follow:

  1. Carefully open the package - if you are not careful in this first step you could damage the condom and cause it to be useless or less effective. Do not use scissors or a knife to open the package as you could damage the condom.
  2. Snoop around - take a few moments to look over the condom to make sure it is not damaged before you use it.
  3. Pinch it - there are two ends to the condom, an open end and closed end. Pinch the closed end with your thumb and first finger in the middle of the ring on the closed end. This will smash the circular rubber ring into more of a straight line which will make it easier to place inside the vagina or anus.
  4. Put the condom inside - slowly and smoothly push the condom inside your body, starting with the closed end that is pinched between your fingers. You will slide the condom into your vagina or anus until it is all the way in. The outer ring of the condom should sit comfortably against the outside of your skin. It should not be uncomfortable or hurt. You can pull it out and readjust it if necessary or place your fingers inside the condom and gently adjust it so that it is comfortable.
  5. Party time - insert the penis into the condom. Use one hand to hold the condom in place and guide the penis into the open end of the condom. This should not hurt you or cause discomfort. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, have your partner remove their penis and then use your hand to readjust the condom so that it sits comfortably.
  6. Remove and discard - when you are done, simply pinch and twist the outer ring of the condom, pull it out, and throw it away. You can place it back into the original packaging or use some tissue paper to discard it.

The manufacturer has some great pictures, visuals, and short animated video too that you can look at here.

Can internal condoms be used with lubricants?

Lubricants (products like KY Jelly or Astroglide) are very commonly used to make sex feel better. The internal condom already comes with a special lubricant but some people still like their own lube. This was actually studied by the FDA too! Both types of lubricants (water based and petroleum based lubricants) are safe to use with the internal condom and have not been shown to make these condoms less effective.

Can I use an internal condom if I am allergic to latex or plastic?

Yes you can! FC2 - the new and improved internal condom - is made of polyurethane and synthetic latex. It is completely safe for those with an allergy to rubber latex (like latex gloves).

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